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Unless it is obsidian. They release games half finished rolleyes . (hallo KotoR2)

Yeah, that was all LucasArts fault though... I can talk to you about that all day (and more);

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I always felt bad for them. They have been cursed with making follow-ups of famous licenses, trying to improve the formula, but failing because either they had bad, BAD programmers / QA, they were pressured into releasing the game half finished, or both.
Alpha Protocol though was their own IP, but it was still buggued and lacked polish like crazy.

And still it was Awesome! I rather have awesome buggy games (Like Alpha Protocol, KOTOR2, D:OS, Vampire: Bloodlines etc.) than polished forgettable crap.
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When I played D:OS I did not encounter any obvious bugs ( though some things seemed to be strange, but I was not sure if it was intended)

Yeah, no bugs in D:OS... noooooope.