I think they should call it Divinity Master (ie DM) mode :D

I also think a DM mode should be a top priority update along with:
* allowing more than 2 players to join (one roll20 game I play has 8 players for our DM)
* integrating audio communication in game (player either pushes button to talk, or if detected microphone threshold passed it auto activates, like teamspeak - the players avatar then has an exclamation mark overhead while talking).
* allowing the DM to have NPC avatars that don't need scripting since they can do the talking for them (and thus the DM doesn't need much scripting knowledge)
* the DM should also be able to manually set each individual NPC as auto combat or be DM controlled combat, on a turn-by-turn basis.

This could be the best computer based 'Desktop' RPG ever with such modifications, but the trick is to ensure it has an easy basic construction interface for the DM (which would also be easier to code). I myself look forward to crafting beautiful virtual landscapes for players to explore, without having to learn an extensive NPC scripting interface :)