I'm a Linux man and bought the game on steam; DOS EE runs great on linux and is fantastic smile

I've also read under the FAQs on steam there is currently no editor for DOS EE, but:
"if you own Divinity:Original Sin, you can make and play mods with the original version of Divinity:Original Sin. We are looking into releasing a new version of the editor that will allow you to make mods for Divinity:Original Sin - Enhanced Edition. Mods from Divinity:Original Sin will not be compatible because too many changes were made to the game."

Will this new editor work on linux? If it does I eagerly look forward to the release of the DOS EE editor smile

However, in the meantime I note while DOS classic works ok under wine (i.e. provided its not full screen - I played to level 10 on it to see the differences), my wine steam does not give me the option to access "the divinity engine" under the Library>tools steam section, despite obviously successfully downloading and playing DOS classic via wine on linux. Is the DOS classic editor no longer available?

Also, I'm an avid Desktop RPG fan who enjoys DM/GMing ganmes. If I could run a campaign on divinity that would be awesome and require less scripting effort/knowledge. Again, please make it all linux compatible, and yes I've read the current GM mode thread (http://larian.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=570053), but the two are intimately linked smile