In my earlier posts I was outing myself as NWN2 fanboy and couldnt stop to promote this game as an idea giver.

Now i got hands on Sword Coast Legends (SCL) and this game definately is much uglier than DOS and it's Editor compared to NWN and DOS is a restricted joke (which feels more like a solid one piece of plastic toy rather than lego) and somehow also the DM mode is restricted.

BUT ... i think you could misunderstand it's intention. After having a short session with old PnP friends i had to say the DM Mode is incredible dynamic and feeling live.

I was really impressed that I could use placeables in a live session to broom away PCs and NPCs. Something NWN e.g. never ever was capable of. I can create NPCs with all char generation functionality, quests placeable objects (and destroy them like a roadblock), areas (well just generated), weather and everything on the fly. LIVE.

As you can't create anything really in the Editor mode anyway it does give you the opportunity to gamemaster without any preparation time. This old group of mine doesnt have one single person that could dedicate beside the job and kids and so on hours of work just to prepare a module to play with.

In our first session without any real knowledge about the game and enginge i could do amazing freestlye stuff by really reacting on the players. They wanted to go to that cave over there which location they found out in a freestyle NPC (voice chat) conversation and there we go I generated a dungeon made some custom NPCs based on our in house running gags and we had a lot of fun.

NWN made me tinkering and messing around if not temporarily even geeking out but to be honest I never managed to create something playable for some friends of mine which I was gamemastering.

Please don't make it like SCL, but please please please look at the parts it really got right!
Add a import export function to pretty any asset, location, NPC/ Monster, rules and good DMs who are bad builders will shine!

my 2 cents