Before heading into a list, I'd just like to mention that I finally registered (after backing a long while ago) just to add a suggestion for this topic today, since it means so much to me. I've always been interested in GMing for friends and have had my most fulfilling experiences even with the thusfar lackluster games that have allowed such content in the past. As such, I've decided to separate the list into what I want, what would be nice, and what I don't care about; all in order to hopefully get at least the core of what I need to create a good time with me and my friends.

This is what I want (and thus suggest):
- The ability to control each AI monster during a combat encounter.
The tension of each turn caused by this makes me drool. It also allows me to have monsters focus attacks in ways that seem realistic, such as unintelligent monsters attacking the person threatening them as opposed to walking an extra 30 ft away to hit melee someone who is vulnerable, even if that is the stronger move. It allows me to cause monsters to take complex counters to typical player strategy such as stringing monsters out through a chokepoint or stacking the monster's spawn with placeable objects.

- The ability to clear or reset quest flags.
Often in the first game I was frustrated by the inevitable minor inconsistencies caused by important NPCs being killed or finishing things out of order. I'd like to solve these for the player after making a human, case to case decision.

- The ability to spawn new monsters manually.
Mostly for the purpose of repopulating certain areas or encounters or making them harder/easier, even understanding this might cause unbalance in either direction. There were some lackluster encounters in the first game where there were just 3 or 4 random monsters on the road with no chance of actually threatening the party. There were also some great encounters with multiple factions fighting each other at the same time in large scale combat. I want to be able to adjust to make sure we're always having fun.

This is what would be nice to have:
- Adding dialogue from the perspective of an NPC actor I'm controlling.
Very minor, but sometimes I feel like certain NPC should recognize certain achievements or things in the environment. A man who has had his house robbed by an invisible thief should complain to the guards or ask the player for an explanation.

- Adding traps/perm environmental hazards.
For the sake of balance and repopulating traps in areas where it makes sense.

- Adding environment effects that are normally temporary, such as rain or puddles or tar.
For ambience.

- Able to switch between Player and GM freely.
This is extremely minor, but would help me significantly since I only have 3 friends I'd play with. We were originally stoked to run the game with the 4 of us, but with the GM mode, I would be leaving them with a vacancy I'd like to fill with the equivalent of a GMPC.

- Creation of custom items.
This is just a fun tidbit that I don't expect will be added but would love to see.

This is what I don't care about, but seems likely to be considered:
- Map making.
- Quest scripting.
- GM limitations to protect against griefing/bad GMs.