So I've got the GOG version up and running and I immediately ran into a bunch of problems.

1. Whenever I launch even a blank slate standalone module, the main menu theme starts playing.

2. You can hear ocean sounds toward the edges of a blank map.

3. To get new global characters/objects to be recognized in "generate definitions" for the story editor I had to first make the object global on the side bar and save. Then completely close the editor and restart. Only then would the definitions generate.

I have not been able to reproduce this.

4. I had several crashes to desktop while selecting a number for the terrain size when creating a new one. This happened 4 times before I got it to work.

5. We need the Teleport command back. In the old version this was enabled even without developer mode. Making a mod without it would be impossible.

This one is more of a concern/question:
6. When first creating a new module I noticed I was unable to deselect the "Shared" dependency. Upon examination this dependency contains many of the D:OS system scripts you might want in a stand alone mod in the story editor. So that's good.

But a huge problem I can see this being is what if you need to modify those story script files? Because they are showing up as read only.

I was able to modify the meta.lsx file with a text editor and simply remove the dependency of "shared" and it seemed to work fine. The scripts went away and the editor behaved like the pre-ee editor did. Are there any consequences to this?

If there aren't can you just enable the ability to deselect shared as a dependency?


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