I feel like I arrived to the party kinda late.

Just found D:OS EE about a month ago and I have been hooked.

I read about the GM features, I have been thinking about the potentials this can have for the community and Larian.

I am a old school table top D&ad guy from way back (I played 2e when Regan was in office). There is a small, but growing community of tabletop gamers who play table top games on PC. Google: Roll20, Fantasy Grounds. Many of these people will jump from game system to game system to play with good GM's or well written content.

Larian has a very real optertunity to capitalize on a market desperately seeking an improving venue, WOTC dropped the ball big time with SCL. Huge let down, what could have been a great game with turn based play. Turned into a Diablo style game where i constantly felt that my party's potential was not properly utilized, either due to crap party AI, or clunky controls. I can say the same about NWN 1 and 2. The GM mode was the biggest let down. So much potential unexplored, and unexploited.

If larian can deliver a system where the DM can generate custom maps ( based on existing game graphics, or allow community submissions) With prefabricated monsters, like out of a game bestiary, or community creations. Where the GM can control the monster during combat, very important. If Larian was charging a nominal fee for campaign space, and added features (look at Roll20's model, free access to players, more bells and whistles for subscribed players, GM's). Allow the community to provide content, monsters, graphic assets, there are creative people out there with time on their hands. At the end of the day Larain could have a product that may produce an income stream for years.

People are still playing around with NWN2 editors, and persistent worlds. How many years has it been since it was released?