In this tutorial I’ll try to show how to start making your new adventure using the set of files I have prepared.

NOTE: This tutorial will be helpful if you are making a standalone module, not for DOSEE campaign modding.

This is what we get in the result: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=664042663

So what is included in minimal project?

CharacterCreation - well, it’s for character creation =) - it’s a copy of the main campaign character creation level

Menuscreen_Cyseal - this one is used as a scene in various menus - like main menu, options etc. (There will be separate tutorial about this level, and how you can make your own)

You will be able to modify those levels to make them look as you want, if it’s a part of your campaign development. Or replace them with yours, or leave them just as they are. Depends on what you want to do.

Story in minimal project is based on story scripts that are used for main campaign. These files include a lot of very useful systems: like dialogues registration, generic reaction, various types of triggers and such. I very recommend to use those systems in your campaign scripting. I removed all files that are related directly to DOSEE campaign and only left Shared files, that contains campaign independent “system” files.

Keywords (dialogs)
Incudes dialogue templates and generic dialogues (there will be separate tutorial how to play with those)


This includes journal excel file, that is used for creating quests in your log and exported files that are used by engine. I cleaned it up from DOS stuff, only left couple things as examples, but they can be removed any time. There will be tutorial how to create log updates for your quests.


Well, alignments are used to define relationships between different factions in the game. I included cleaned up, ready to use file, that includes basic alignments as Good, Evil NPC etc. but cleaned up from DOS stuff


Basically all helpful scripts from Shared

All stats excels from the game. You will be able to (relatively easy) create new skills, characters stats etc. You will be able to override/modify existing stats. There will be tutorials about that.

Ok let’s start making your new campaign!

Open editor
Select File - New module...

In the window that appear enter the name of your mod. Checkboxes are fine, don’t modify those.

Hit create

Now your new module is created. We will need to do some manual copy pasting to prepare our module, so it’s make sense to close your editor for now.

Download minimal mod data archive.

First of all browse to your game data (should be something like \steamapps\common\Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\Data)

Copy folders from Mod folder in archive into the Mods/YourModName

2. Copy you mod name into the clipboard (you can select it, hit F2 and the ctrl+c) we will need it in the moment.

Go back to Data folder and navigate to Data\Editor\Mods folder. Probably there is no folder with your mod name (this one appear automatically when you create your first level in the editor, so if you still have blank project it’s not yet created). You need to create a new folder, rename it to your mod name (should be in your clipboard). Inside the folder that you created copy Levels folder from archive Editor folder.

3. Last part - navigate to Data/Public/YourModName and copy content from Public folder from archive into it.

Ok, so files for your adventure is prepared. We can start editor now.

Before we can test if it works, we need to do couple small things.

In your mod select Modding/Module Settings

In the Startup Level dropdown select CharacterCreation (this is the level that will be opened when campaign starts)
In the Menu Level drop down select Menuscreen_Cyseal - as I already said it’s used for main menu scene.

Save all your settings.

Now open Story editor (Black S icon on the editor toolbar) Select File / Generate Definitions and build. This will build story

Now you can start the game and in Mods select in drop down Shared and mark check box near your mod. Hit activate. You should be able to start new campaign in your mod. (It’s not going further than character creation though, for now)

It’s all probably kinda messy and hard to understand, I’ll appreciate if you will ask question, so I can make this tutorial easier to understand.