Hey everyone New here this is my first post when I heard about dos2 having a gm mode I instantly hopped on board since sword coast legends has died out I'm hoping that dos2 can replace my dm hopes and it seems it can based on everyone saying that they wanted a d&d game and dos received a lot of praise so I'm hoping that the mp is actually active and flourishes

I'm assuming in gm mode you can create nps dialogue your own quest and actually play the campaign you create live with your friends with you as the gm etc a please tell me you can! ?

Basically kinda what scl tried to do but with way way way more in depth

Anyway this is the d&d campaign I hoped to make with scl and I'm hoping it can flourish and people can actually play it so tell me what you think
Prologue books

War of the immortals

Dark reign

The Necromancer wars

Main series
Dark rebirth (book I)
Eternal night (book II)
Rise of the Blood moon (book III)
Blood war (book IV)
Prophecy of destruction (book v)
Ritual of chaos (book VI)
War of Destiny (book VIII)

Book I
It's the end of the sixth age in azeroth and darkness is spreading throughout the land an ancient enemy returns and with the imperial order of mages decimated and the corruption of the ruling count of the empire it's up to your party to save azeroth from this dark threat

Your choices matter what you do affects the story

Deep lore characters you care about you are the hero of azeroth begin your journey !