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That's what everybody said the gm mode in scl wasn't deep enough no true monster creation not enough monster variety no branching dialogue and no tile by tile creation. That is what everyone wanted and I think it needs to happen here in order for gm mode to be successful

But God's I can't wait to gm some games in this being a gm and also having the hero's being able to kill and betray echother opens up so many possible new campaign idea's

I think part of the problem is there are two different things people need and there seems to be some overlap and confusion about them.

1. Adventure Creation/Editing - everything from terrain, lighting, triggers, events, object placement, trap placement, npc and monster creation/equipment/abilities, treasure placement, quests, dialog, etc. all done without players.
2. GM Player Interaction Mode -- realtime, monster movement/possession/ability-use/combat, buff/de-buff/kill/spawn, etc.

Part of SCLs problem was it tried to overlap the two distinct modes too much.
Hopefully DOS:2 won't try and cram both together and will support both well.