Rather than hijack and variously sidetrack another topic and to prevent a whole bunch of quietly sleeping threads coming back to life, I figured I'd start a new one to contain the likelihood that I may have a whole bunch of questions and pontification.

My first random bit of pontification is about performance: I noticed that BD runs very much slower than DD does, and once the fps drops under about 30 the movement speed starts to noticeably be in slow-motion which is unpleasant, as is the mouse-lag. I did read about it a bit elsewhere which suggested reducing the Windows memory usage to 2GB (I use Windows 7 64-bit, for the record). I've done this and yay it works, but is there a less inconvenient way of going about it? XP compatibility mode did nothing useful and I've heard that CPU affinity doesn't help either. The mouse-lag is mostly but not entirely fixed, and it would be nice if it could go away altogether. I'm not a fast, competitive gamer but I do get motion sickness easily and a laggy mouse is the sort of thing that may trigger it.

Another compatibility issue seems to regard aspect ratio: if I run it in my monitor's native 16:10 mode, zoom no longer works and some of the buttons in the menus are misplaced, or rather the button is misaligned with the clickable area on the screen. Running in 4:3 aspect fixes these problems (and my monitor will respect the correct aspect). I'd prefer to use 16:10, but am I correct in assuming that it doesn't quite work properly and there's no fix other than to use 4:3?

The other thing is that I've learnt a bit more about character builds after playing DD and though I'm still probably little better than a novice at understanding the intricacies, I can see that my character is less than ideal. Having said that, she seems to mostly be doing okay. I can't really face doing the prison level again so I'm not keen to start over, but if I continue using a non-ideal build am I saving up problems for myself like I did in DD or should I be okay?

And are there any interesting mods or utilities for it? The item editor in DD was a handy thing to have, for instance, not least for minor cheats like adding charm slots to nice bits of equipment.

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