Still haven't used the dolls yet, but I'll bear them in mind when I get to Act III, which I think I'm about to: hopefully I'll remember what I'm supposed to be doing!

I've finally finished the questline of the imp village, although I did need the occasional nudge in the right direction as a few bits were non-obvious, at least to me. I'm hoping that the next bit is a bit less barren and lava-ridden: listening to that imp complaining about Rivellon and its "rivers of water", indeed.

Also, voice-spotting: possibly soundalikes, but I thought that the necromancer sounds remarkably like GoT's Ramsey Bolton, and the woman in the pub (er... Lady Moreena) sounds a lot like The Elder Scrolls' "Dunmer Woman" (or Linda Kenyon, to give her an actual name). Dunno if it is her, though.

J'aime le fromage.