I assume that the "GM" will be able to load custom modules or vanilla game to play
so I'll focus on what I think should be able to do in-game

 while playing:

- Lock or unlock (doors and chests

- Spawn (items, books, treasure chests, rocks, boats, objects to interact or assets like dead bodys or blood in the floor)
I imagined it would be something like this:
I write in chat "/ spawn (ID)" and the object appears under the pointer
It is quite easy to use and do not forget to remove the object with a command: "/ delete" or "/ remove" also under the pointer

- Teleport players to another map
        from Act 1 to Act 4

- GM disable players (take away control of the character)
       more than anything to place a dialogue as they fight or make an NPC escape

- A list of "IDs" of objects and creatures

- Throwing dice, as WOW (/ roll 20)

- Interactions with NPC
    switches (Hostile to Neutral / Neutral to Hostile)
    NPC Commands:
            Spawn NPC (obviously)
            NPC learn "x" spell
            NPC resize
            NPC immortal
            NPC follow a player
            1 npc or more, following a "NPC" operating as a leader
            NPC (dog) is now playable for "x" player
                         the NPC can not level up and can not learn new skills

I think these are the things I would use more, do not get me wrong I think much of the game will be in combat but on occasion you want to let the player explore alternative routes that are not necessarily combat or even join a faction and these commands were created to make this possible in-gmae manually if the "GM" is willing to take the job he can do many things also it will be easier to tell a story with this and create new Quests

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