In the last 3 patches i made always the same party:
Necro - Tank (Lizzard) : With Reflect, Bartending and that inicial Forti armor
Mage (custom) : Heals, Buffs, Dmg AoE, Dmg Single target, lot of CC (with telep), With adrenaline, cloroform and ret. On this patch i make it full Lucky charm on civ.
Air - Rogue(ifan): For telep, swap and inv. Full dualweild and fullfill with granades. Full thief.
Mage - Archer(Sebille): With healing, Telep, buff, Adrenaline cloro, some little huntssman skills and full ranged. Civ on Sneak to use snipe.

I had to admit that in the last patch, the Necro-Tank was a little bit difficult to use it at the beginnin and i have to use a staff on him so he could hit safe from dmg, but when i got equip i put him a shield and tank everything again.
Making this changes i would consider just using the incial skills in other way that benefit more the incial game, but i think i will do the same party again on the next patch i enjoy it too much.

If i would change something, would be everything to change the gameplay, cose i like that party. I would make a full party of mages haha just to try that.