No; I sell it as soon as possible. My thinking was, "I'm always finding things that are way weaker that I can't use" but, alas, that has dried up in act IV. In a way, this just makes things more interesting. I've been forced to try new tactics. Sending my demon doll into a room to see what's there; as soon as a mage appears, running my DK directly at the mage and my hero archer away (if the DK is targeted as per usual, she can take the mage out quickly); instead of ending the game with a hundred plus healing and restore potions, I am now using them since, as soon as my characters return to full strength, they lose 3/4 health, mana, and stamina; the battlefield battles are now a challenge; and finally, it made me think a bit about how things could be (basically brainstorming).

EDIT: Oh yeah, one unrelated thing. I've noticed that I no longer have my teleporting pyramids. Do they go away (there's some indication when you get them that they might just do that) or did I just lose them? I don't need a cheat to get them again if I lost them - I consider it part of the game - but, it'd be nice to know.

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