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Wouldn't be a great opportunity for the player to roleplay ?
I am sure players will have more fun fighting guards, or attacking innocent virgins in werewolf form themselves, instead of watching the AI do it for them.

They can roleplay the segments where they are in control, but I want my players to feel the feeling of helplessness of not being able to stop their bestial form taking over. I want them to not be like, "I'm trying my hardest to let my girlfriend get away before I attack her." No, they should have not been in the vicinity of someone they loved on a full moon and now they get to suffer the consequences. Secondly, the HARDEST AI in this game is INSANE. It can think of and do the most genius things most people wouldn't be able to think of, which makes it seem like a superhuman entity really has taken over their mind and body.

lol and roleplay being under mind control? Are you kidding? If the DM does a great job telling the story, you are going to HATE the main villain. The last thing you are going to want to do is role play your mind is under control and you have to do his bidding. If it's a weak DM, you may not come to hate the main bad guy that much.

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