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That's where we disagree. In my opinion and experience, weak DMs have no plot line when it starts, which includes no villain and no strategy of character building -- that includes no strategy of building up hostile feelings towards the antagonist. The players do have a part to play in shaping the story, but if you let the players run with telling the story, it is going to turn out quite sloppy.

That's where we disagree indeed.
Weak DMs rely on a prepared story/adventure and the players will have to follow the storyline even if their characters wouldn't want to.

I on the other hand like to create a setting and a situation, set the players loose in the world and take it from there. This leads to a natural flow of the story, and much greater immersion, with highly motivated players because they are doing what they want to do, instead of doing what is dictated by the DMs story line.

If the story runs "sloppy" it is simply because the DM lacks the flexibility, skill and creativity to deal with it on the fly, and took the easy way out, relying on a script , "You guys are here, hired/told/ordered to go do this there", that has to be run in a certain order to not ruin the story, turning the players into actors in a rigid movie and basically taking away their freedom of choice.
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In few words, you want AI controlled players just cause they are bad at roleplaying? Well, this is something that can't be fixed with an automatic systems.


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