Weak DMs rely on a prepared story/adventure and the players will have to follow the storyline even if their characters wouldn't want to.

Or this is a sign of weak players or that the DM should have made sure they were all on the same page. That the players want their game and are not willing to work with the DM and would rather play their own game and simply want to use the DM to achieve that.

This is why I take the whole Player-Centric ideology so seriously. It abdicates all responsibility off the player, it tells the DM that their enjoyment or artistic integrity are unimportant, and only deals with ONE type of game... A game type that is actually quite unpopular for both DMs and Players (No really!)

Or rather... It is an ivory tower, an imagined/invented high art of DMing that doesn't reflect the reality around it and so it much echo itself constantly.