Hello, new guy here!
What i really think it should have, like, absolutely, it's generators of all kinds.
Tresure hoads
Maybe some modular dungeon maker, and then a generator based on the same system
More than four players in the party, i'd say to make it unlimited, but if not possible, more than 4

I only see viable (and useful) equipments, treasure, and encounters. And yes, more than 4 players PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

Originally Posted By: GeneralKong
Hope to see an option added for a tick able box or something beside the music player to have the music loop

Also can we have a "prepare music" menu that allow us to browse our files and put our MP3s. OGGs and WAVs ? same like the vignette system that allow us to directly import our images. Custom music is very important. Atmosphere and music are an integral part of the soul of good GMing.

Also: Please, let us change the color of things easily, the color menu for armors in NPCs would be nice as a color wheel, also, if we could change the hue of the paintable effects (fire, poison, those ones) we could create our own (blue fire, or orangey poison smoke)