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I finally created and played my first parties.
and like everyone else I have suggestions. Some things have already been said but I think it is good to remind them.
1-The most important thing is the management of the characters. Noctro explains it very well. At least it is necessary to import and export these characters and a more flexible invitation system in the parties. This is indipensable for anyone who wants to make great campaign with GM Mode.
2-More content! Maps, NPC and Items. Yes, modders will participate. but larians must support this movement too.
3-A little more possibilities for the NPC: emotes and automatic patrols would be perfect.
4-The possibility of adding music, even if I know that it should pose problems of copyright.
5-The possibility of hiding the result of the dice to the players (and see the dice roll rolleyes )
6-and the possibility of ping something on the map will be very useful.

But for me, the real problem is the management of the characters. If Larian changes that, nothing will prevent more players to the beautiful rpg games.

PS: Sorry for my rought english

All these, and also, would love the ability to move units outside of possessing them, like for instance, dragging a selection box around some NPC's, and holding down a button, and then right clicking to have them walk to a location.