There needs to be something like a social hub. If I host a GM Game on US TZ I almost have no trouble to get people to join voice chat. However I am European and there is a problem. Most people are shy to get into voice chat because of their english skills. Most of them have no problem reading and writing but when it comes to voice chat they just leave. I'm german myself so I do understand it. The problem is that leading a campaign through Text chat is harsh and very limited because of the design of the Text Chat.

It would be nice to have several Global Chat options for the different languages to announce that a GM Adventure is starting.

To the community: Back in the days of Neverwinter Nights 1 there was a community run side called It would have a schedule where GM would post when, what type and in what language the adventure or campaign would be run. Players would registred themself for the Campaign they wanted to play. It was a marvelous system. Players would know when the Game is going to be and bring enough time and the GM could tweak the adventure before hand knowing what classes the players would play.
Something similar would fit right into DOS:2. Maybe in combination with a discord community server?

Game Master from the heart hehe