Well, looks like it's done with Reaper's Coast for now. Thankfully due to the walkthrough shown for "Mother's Nightmare" I got quite some things done here. A few more questions remain, but those are being asked right now, hopefully having an answer before my next session. But yeah, for a game with so many options quests usually revolve around one very specific requirement, usually vague. Had to get specific spells for the Elven Trial (laser ray), dunno how anyone could figure the Possessed Dwarf out by themselves, had no clue for a puzzle and was supposed to use Spirit Vision (didn't have it back then) but there were also no bodies to clue in Spirit Vision, it was just *there* like the bloodmoon island bridge. That kind of stuff. Also while everyone offers Source training despite being at 3 source Hannag oddly does not. Having said all that, aside from 2 certain encounters (Witch and Godwoken Lizard Demon) I've had fun. Lots of teleporting in the end to mop up the loose corners though.

Final suggestions, comments etcetera noted down for Reaper's Coast:
*I've had it a few times, but the Harbinger of Doom's hitbox is the limit; moving corpses. It's really annoying having to skip loot since you can't select it.
*It's fairly easy getting magical armor for a physical combatant with a necklace and 2 ring slots, but mages only have the belt slot to truly get physical resistance. Getting them killed fairly easily by physical foes.
*Same as before "The Advocate" and "Hunter of Wicked Things" seem like they could be solidified into one quest.
*More seemingly quests that literally could be sollidified in Act II; "The Forgotten and the Damned", "Delusions of Grandeur", "Bound By Pain", "The Silent One" (the last 3 even literally copy+pasting SEVERAL entries). It's funny how each MINOR character gets a quest entry here, but in Driftwood, reading the board and finding the MAIN QUEST important NPC's it just gets stuffed into one questentry. I definitely would have switched that around.
*And more; "The secret of bloodmoon island" and "the druid" have pretty much 100% overlap aswell. Why does this island have so many quests for so few items?
*Bloodmone island, near 3 unmarked graves, Ifan spotted something. A coin pouch. Digging it up... 3 *whole* coins. Wow! Is it intended to be that much of a letdown? It appears it's even the reward for the difficult saving of the Possessed Dwarf. Really?
*Why does the unfinished vault of Bloodmoon Island have an auto-save too?
*That possessed dwarf fight is a pain. Most of all all the lost consumables taken when possesed. Oddly enough the summon of my Red Prince that was gotten through a scroll was friendly too? That fight was so confusing, and once it was over 3 teammates died due to being brought close to death to fight smirk
*7225XP is a little low for the Advocate? His dogs give that much. His cronies 14K (Eyren, Chytilcia), 29K (Aph-ka).
*Inner Demon skill doesn't have a summoning level requirement? All other skills do.
*Kill level 18 troll, get level 12 questrewards smirk. Oh well, atleast the troll had a lvl 18 ring.
*Well, "Treated like Cattle" ended... dissapointing (killed Alice).
*The witches' exploding rats leave no bodies?
*"The Aeteran" quest entry (story so far) doesn't mention Aetera's stuff? (her own quest does though)
*Uniques you can't sell, and I don't see *why*: Livewood shield, Band of Braccus, Lone Wolf Mark, Spear of Foes, Captain's Compass, Jonathan's Ring, Mordus' Amulet (okay, I can kinda understand THAT one, till the quest is over), Hannag's Ring.