Cheers, MrPillow! I'm not all too comfortable advertising things of commercial nature on someone elses intellectual property, but you're welcome to check out my YouTube and connected media to that :] I try to stream some times while working on things, not so much lately as I'm too concentrated on detail work. Or idle-work. Right now for example, I'm just waiting for Photoshop to finish saving a 16K resolution world map for Episode 1 (Fort Joy + all the new areas) since the default ingame resolution didn't really... Like expanding areas.

For example some side by side examples of before/after here:

And as I posted on twitter, things are getting quite finished now. It is quite thrilling to see things come together, to be honest! Now it's mostly making sure everything is connected from a-z and write the remaining quest entries, book strings and sort out the remainder of Kara (the new origin character) then we can start playtesting :]

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