I only had points for agility (100), strength (45-50), and constitution (30+).*
On hardcore I saw and see no other way to pass a character. Some monsters have insane stats, and equipment has their own requirements. Wished to use wands - couldn't afford intelligence. Wished speed, but when I had to decide to be able to hit things, hit them with something they'll feel, or simply stay alive, I chose against speed and all the other stats, sticking with what I desperately needed.
*The DK needs 15-25 strength only.

Initial choice is warrior/warrior for repair skill.

Skills to choose:
- bow for the DK (speed -> critical hit -> accuracy), and lockpick if you don't go shopping (I didn't)
- 1 heal individual for both characters
- slashing weapon + shield (accuracy -> damage -> critical hit -> deadly strike), identify, sharpening weapons, repair for the "hero" for the majority of the game. But keep an eye for daggers too (piercing weapons). An advantage of hardcore is the "chance" for extra skillpoints per level, so you can afford 2 sets of weapon w/o de-specialising. Oh, and create game on Very Easy for extra points!