As the title suggests, I'm starting to wonder if terrible itemization is going to become a staple of every Larian release even in the future years, with little or no hope to ever see it addressed properly.

It's baffling that it only got worse at each game and, for all the amazing work they have made in other areas, the developers apparently still refuse to even recognize their core system as deeply flawed.

The daunting randomness of stats in a game with a finite number of encounters and how it made basically impossible to reliably plan for long term builds, the mind-numbing amount of busywork required to constantly keep your party up-to-date with the insane curve of the scaling... and quite frankly the clownish look, all contributed to diminish the enjoyment you are supposed to get from the progression in these sort of RPGs (Baldur's Gate 2 comes to mind).

Finding a powerful item you will stick with for a while (or for the entire end game) is supposed to be a thrill,but in D:OS 1 and 2 it was a triviality, as at any given moment you knew it was some randomly generated vendor trash that you would ABSOLUTELY need to replace in a couple levels at max.

In a title that was so close to be one of my all times favorites, this single aspect was so bad it almost single-handedly ruined my enjoyment of the game several hours in.