Good morning all!

I'm ready to take the plunge! Thought I've played many RPGs I haven't played a good turn-based RPG since FF Tactics. I'm buying the game for Xbox One this afternoon and am trying to plan out my party. I've watched several videos and read a few articles (Avoiding spoilers at all costs!) and this is where I've landed.

I'm trying to decide between playing as:

1. Fane : Seems to be the most unique, different story type play through than anything I've played before (again I'm avoiding any story spoilers). I get the undead aspect makes healing trickier.

2. Ifan: Seems to be pretty overarching plot - centric. Maybe a bit vanilla?

3. Unique Me: Back story of bring ripped from my world into the game's world, or possibly one of those "long sleeps" where this world is a far distant post apocalyptic version of our own.

Thoughts on the above choices?

Once I nail that down is it basically pick the other party members that seem the most interesting, then be sure I round the party well with healing, physical damage and magic?

Thanks in advance!