AS i've said on beamdog forum

An small decision will lead to a chain reaction of changes as i've mentioned here

"Increasing the hit chance means that you need more HP or the combat will end quickly. Then you need more and more healing available because everyone has a lot of HP and get hurt with every hit. Every weapon swing hits the gap of enemy armor and no armor can deflect an arrow, regardless of the angle, distance and type of arrow. No archer misses, doesn't matter the windage, distance, moving target, etc, so ranges and damages needs to be redone. Now OHK spells like Wail of the Banshee are too strong since everyone has 50 hit dice of HP. Now you need to balance the magic system or have spells like Finger of Death being the best spells in the game and weak skeletons since always hit can destroy everything so summoning/creating undead needs to be balanced. Now the entire magical system needs to be "rebalanced" and.... The game is SCL2 with BG3 name."

I wanna

- No mechanics like cooldown
- No ultra slow animations making the fight takes an eternity
- A lot of cool spells like time stop
- No artificially inflated enemy HP
- Multiple summons
- No longbows with nerf/toy-range
- Misses
- Dice rolls
- Checks and saves

I really hated DOS2 by a reason. Fells more like an puzzle game than an immersive RPG. Longbows with 13m range, cooldowns, the armor mechanics that works awfully, the gimmicky puzzle battles, etc. Note that another game already tried to remove dice rolls and failed misrably. Is called sword coast legends.

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