I loved BG1/2 but the amount of played time with those games is *dwarfed* by the amount of played time in NWN2 (my NWN2 PW is still up and has active players to give some context)

I'm looking forward to BG3 but there' s no reason it can't be both. Hear me out here, the only difference between a BG style game and a NWN style game is a toolset and a runnable server option. They have to make the game anyway so why not start by creating a toolset, one that can be shipped with the game.

look, you can never create content faster than we can consume it, you can never make all the classes or races available in all the books and you cannot legally make any story you want.

But, you don't have to, give us a toolset and we'll do it for you.

(also, when implementing things like races/clases if you find yourself hard-coding these kind of properties, rethink your approach and, please, no hard capped anything)