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I dont even disagree with you. But are you actually going to tell me im wrong?

you said


There just istn as big a modding scene anymore

Industry wide the modding scene has never been bigger. If we're focusing just on the NWN1/2 BG1/2 series the fact that the EE version of NWN has invigorated the modding scene. Like I said CEP and PRC have reformed, hundreds of modules/PW are currently hosted. Maybe not the size of the golden ages but it certainly counts as a revival

and you said:

people that used to make peresistant world modules for NWN are now indie game developers.

Which is also not true (exhibited by yours truly). I don't want to make games, I want to build worlds. I still maintain a NWN2 PW and am toying around with building an NWN: EE world, but I have no interest in working in the gaming industry or to make games in general.


the reason people still mod NWN1 and to a lesser degree NWN2 is because its realy easy. The graphics of NWN1 are extremely simple and the tileset approach to level design makes creating modules realy easy.

Sure, "level design" is easy in NWN1 but there is more to modding/world building than slapping the tiles together. In many ways, that's the easiest part.


OS2 has great modding tools, much better ones than OS1 but you bareley see anyone actually use them. Modding games these days just is more of a hassle, creating new assets requires a level of skill that people who do this as a hobby quite frankly dont posess.

I have never modded OS2 so I can't speak to how good the tools are but the problem is in the game. If they had designed it where your characters were distinct a part from the same game and allows you to play through player made modules with your own characters. Even more if they had supported PWs I would have taken a look, but I think it's just too limited (please correct me if I'm wrong)


The only modern games that get a lot of modding are stuff like Skyrim and Fallout.
the simpler the graphics and the more open the engine, the more modding you get. Thats why you still see tons of mods for NWN; Morrowind, mount and blade and so on. But bareley any for OS2.

sure, Skyrim and Fallout get a lot of attention but there is a lot more modding support then you give credit for. More than half my steam games has a well stocked workshop and even games that don't have modding built in, often have a modding community for it. My point is I don't think modding has ever been more popular in general than right now.


Im not even trying to be a party pooper, i would love to see a return of peresistant worlds, as in my opinion they do RPG multiplayer the best, but i just dont see people doing it in modern games.

Well, you have your wish. Pick up NWN:EE (I think it's around ~$20.00) and there are hundreds of worlds (the EE version finally caught up with NWN2 in terms of having an autodownloader so you don't have to go fishing for PW assets). You can also pick up NWN2 and while there is a bit of work to get it up to date and the number of worlds is much smaller (and most are RP) you can still find a place to play

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