I'm not offended, be sure of that ! I was reading some things on this forum and I'm really impressed of how many time you may have spend to answer kindly and carefully to so much persons... Especially on "bug part", I read some very agressive persons and I thank you for your patience !

I trust you for curse, not tested enough.

I'm sorry to hear the scoropion bug is still here because its "useful" in hard fight... I'd better hope some boost of some other weak-to-the-hell skills can compense...

Yes but repair basic items is not "expensive"...

"The game engine doesn't really support modding."
Just too bad to hear that... I really dislike many skills as they are... And that really break my pleasure of playing. But if its so hard to mod, as beginner, I think I can't do anything more...

I'd really enjoy few changes :
- Mana regeneration over time and one skill who increase that ; adding a basic HP regeneration aswell.
- Spellbooks add 5 "levels" who are different of the skills (so getting a mage shall require skill points and not only books but books could be very useful)
- Increase the number of possible levels in game - that's fun to level up sometimes :
=> in diminishing a bit the XP required to win level around the end, the function is as I read on manual 1000/3*(L^3-L). I thought about changing it with something like (1000+50*L)*(L²+L). With my calculations, you'll have the max XP (ancient level 50) at level 91.
=> Other spot, delete the changes of XP bonus/malus for ennemies so ennemies will always bring you some experience
=> In counterpart, diminish the bonus for quest XP rewards to not give too much)
- Reboost few skills are quite weak, decrease effect of some other
- Make some skills "go together" (example for warrior, give less strong bonuses for each weapon but a "cummulative" part to increase the needings of ability points : sword increase damage of sword but a bit for axes, spear... And oppositely).

Anyways, lets not dream too much ^^
Have a good day !