No it is not a table top game. It is a computer game that is adhereing to the D&D rules as closely as possible, which has be suggested by the Swen in the interviews he as given. The Dungeon Master guide is geared with a straight forward XP and encounter tables for 4 players. (It has adjustments that can be made for more players if you are have them.

In the free Basic rules, it only has for races, and four classes available. Suggesting that there would be four players.

As I said, I understand why they would only give us 4 players, but I am hoping for 6.

Critical Role is not the norm. Look at Dice, Camera, Action or Acquisitions INC - The A team or the C team. Most only have 4 players.

4 seems to be the Norm and 8 is not the Norm. I hope they meet in the middle and give us 6