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ED: If we compare toolsets, I think that NWN takes the cake (maybe the only plus the game has, the toolset and the mp). NWN2 Aurora toolset has some "inutilities" so hardcoded and so much headache-inducing workarounds to make that you may think Obsidian has stocks on pharmaceutical companies. If you compare that with the NWN toolset, or even the DoS2 (not the Dos1) toolset, the one that allows you to make quick fixes with the notepad if you misstep...

I respectfully disagree. NWN1 had way more stuff hard coded or simply not doable. I spent. years in the NWN1 toolset and years in the NWN2 toolset and I'd take NWN2 any day. The only _arguable_ point in terms of modding is that in NWN1 the tile based area creation was much simper and quicker to put together.