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gotta check that one out, i havent played oblivion in ages

Same. It's the game that really immersed me for the first time (a bit sad considering I've been gaming on and off since the late '70s... RPGs had somehow passed me by for 30 years, though) so I'll always have a soft spot for it; especially as it's the game that also got me involved in modding. Last time I played it I did think it was looking a bit long in the tooth though that might simply be because I've sunk so many hours into it. I nearly wrote that it "now looks a bit dated" but I don't think that's especially relevant given that right now I'm enjoying Kingdoms of Amalur which deliberately capitalises on the somewhat nostalgic, cartoony look and isn't the worse for it. If anything it's The Grimdark Era that followed Oblivion that now looks quite dated. But I digress, this entire area is so subjective as to be meaningless and I've kinda lost track of what point I was even making!

In more general terms, I think games studios need to make an effort with random NPCs, whether they're simply "background scenery" or people who give interesting side-quests. I often don't want to be bothered progressing the main story and just want to wander off and do something random or speak to someone who has something to say that I haven't heard before.

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