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Why would they design it to be like NWN, but call it BG3? Why not just acquire the NWN name instead?

If you are talking art design, that is the big question right now. The 2d background and sprites was good for 1998. Unlikely they wouldn't try something new for 2019. It's anyone's guess what 3d style it ends up looking like.

I'm talking about general direction, not entire design, FFS.

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I really hope that the game stays as far as they could from NWN. The only party you have in NWN is when you play multiplayer. Your companion(s) have barely more personality, interaction and utility than your summoned skeleton.

If I wanted that I will search for Skyrim 2 (TES VII), not BG3.

For years I heard that NWN1 was better then NWN2, and rescently got the mobile version of NWN1 and it sucks compared to NWN2. No party, can't pick your gods, ect..., why anyone thought NWN1 was better then the incredible NWN2. I was so disappointed.

Says you. Hordes of the Underdark and several custom campaigns, or premium modules, vastly outclass all of NWN2 bar Mask of the Betrayer.

Storm of Zehir beats them all because gasp, you actually get to have a party of your own design, or even a party at all. Also better character creation, races, subraces, Gods and so on.

Bleah, a soulless party like Icewind dale.

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