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In some circumstances you can drag and drop teleporter pyramids into otherwise inaccessible locations (sometimes you need a grate or window, etc, but in can go through smaller gaps or some doors).
In general,
drop a teleporter pyramid on the ground, left click drag the teleporter, right click to 'cancel', move the cursor where you want the pyramid to go and release the left mouse button. This should toss the pyramid through walls, etc; not sure if the normal distance range applies (I only tried this after I saw it mentioned in a forum post).

this fixes the problem of moving into areas, but what about something like that immaculate trial? you need to put different items on the preasure plates but without those working how am I to advance the quest?

this is the most screw up I ever seen in any mod, and the mod author of epic encounters won't do anything about this. so either I'm having the wrong game version or something or I don't know what to do. this is a game breaking bug smirk (how do I check what game version I got? and what is the latest one? incase GOG actually didn't update my game to the latest patch version)