Replies have been a little too spread over time to call this a proper discussion, but at very least I'm glad we all seem to agree on how terrible the system is.

Originally Posted by Ahharu
I hate randomization, is really bad in this game. I could handle it on my first playthrough but not on others, not even with mods.

This is an interesting point, because randomized loot is often used with the claim that "it will make subsequent playthrougs more diverse and interesting" but that never seems to happen for me.

In fact it's the other way around.
In a game like BG2 every time I replayed it was more or less "Ok, I know what the really cool end game items are, let's design a party that can take the best advantage of them" and every single time I ENJOYED IT A LOT.
In a game like DOS 1 and 2 you find yourself thinking "What's even the point of planning? I'll have to wait and see what sort of random shit I get and hope I won't get screwed by the RNG" and that for me kills a lot of the enjoyment.