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What you describe is the exact opposite of what I want from them. Using the same piece of gear for a long period of time is the worst case scenario for any rpg because it means the loot that drops has become meaningless. It is a perfect recipe for boredom.

Aside for the fact that "the SAME PIECE OF GEAR" is a straight-up strawman, as no one was advocating for it, I couldn't disagree more if I tried.
I'd challenge anyone who played both Baldur's Gate II and Divinity OS 2 to claim that:
- the former lacks enough variety to make multiple playthroughs interesting when it comes to itemization.
- the latter has a better, more interesting or more diversified itemization.

Because I have no idea of how getting 25 versions of the same sword with a couple of random stats rolled over each (and that need to be trashed and replaced every few minutes) is in any way better than getting, say, just TEN unique and memorable swords that differentiate significantly from each other for their properties and are a ALL actually viable options.

I want to replace my gear every 1 or 2 levels. I want to remain interested in looking at the stats of every item that drops because I expect frequent upgrades. That keeps the game interesting.

And I really, really, actively dislike it.
Especially in a game where you manage a full party rather than a single character and were levels are counted in values going up to 20+, the idea of switching items (that barely differentiate themselves aside for slightly bumping numbers) every few minutes sounds (and IS) a complete annoyance.
What's worse, it actively contributes to the painfully busy inventory management these games have often being (rightfully) criticized for. Even from hardcore RPG fans.

Even from an immersion standpoint level-gated and level-scaled generic loot is a very poor mechanic.
"Here's your reward for solving this long quest chain and finding this ancient treasure: a legendary sword! Oh, by the way it's vendor trash. You already looted something better randomly few steps down the line with Lucky Find".

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