I am getting very frustrated over how messed up your store page is and how I have had to spend 100s of dollars all to get a copy of your game that includes everything. I am tired of the "you already own this game" crap of refunding the game, of removing the game from my account and wasted money so I can buy it again.

This game has essentially cost me 3 months of stress and approximately $300, and yet I still am not able to purchase a copy of your game that includes everything.
The best I got was divinity 2 eternal, which didn't come with the otherwise auto included divinity original sin classic. I have contacted your support numerous tmes regarding this and it just goes ignored.

Please fix your store so that your bundle accounts for the fact you already own this game, add proper dlc and digital upgrade packs and quit the nonsense. This is worse than getting lost as a 2 year old in the mall, or waiting in line at black friday just to be held up at gun point.

It should not be this flippin difficult to buy your game. I should not have had to refund it and remove it from my account more than 3 times, and quite frankly this whole experience has been a complete pile of crap.

please stop disallowing your customers to buy a complete edition of the game. it's like you don't like money or something. None of these tactics are necessary, your game is really great, it is your PR and store front that is worse than the smell of dog crap first thing in the morning.

fix it.


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