for one thing, its pretty hard to judge actual player numbers, secondly, very different target audience.

DnD is getting popular, realy popular, my current group keeps swelling and im about to split my party in two because its getting impossible to manage that many players at the same time
But that appeal comes from the social fun time that it is, not neccesarily from the subject matter or from the specific edition of DnD you are playing.
This success has been elevated by critical role and the general "nerd zeitgeist".

Make no mistake however, normies dont buy CRPGs. They play video games alright, but they tend not to play CRPGs.
Theyll play skyrim, ill give you that, maybe, some of them. Playing Baldurs Gate 3? I dont think so.
I dont think you can tap into that market.

if were lucky, well end up witha Neverwinter nights situation where you get a dedicated niche market, but the time of big modding projects appears to be over, largley due to the rise of indie game developers aswell as the increasing demands to graphical fidelity