Sorry for resurrecting this topic, but I'm stuck with a quest entry in my journal, basically a complete quest, but it still reads to report to Mardaneus. The quest "George's Murder". I've solved it by completing another quest, that's tied to it (exposing and killing the vampire Tutamun and reporting him to Verdistis authorities, namely Commander Kratus), I've tried to talk to Mardaneus later to complete the quest (well I should have done it before reporting to Kratus, I guess), but there's no such option to report to him, I can ask him about the Source, ask him to heal me and stuff, but can't report, that George's murder was solved.
Now what's my issue, I don't do hex edit, I don't use any hex editors, nor do I know how to use them at all. So it seems I'm really stuck with this quest's entry for good. Unless there's an easier way around, not involving the use of hex editors? I guess there's not. Someone could write an easy to use application, a noob friendly version of a hex editor, that wouldn't look like a hex editor to do such things. I know, that inventory editors, stats editors and such mostly work that way, they basically hex edit (change values), but they look a lot friendlier.