Not quite sure, but it seems this patch: "" addresses most of my problems ("fixed: not being able to tell Mardaneus about George's murder being solved", "fixed: getting George's murder quest from his body rather from speaking to Mardaneus", seems to be my case, if I recall correctly, I got the quest from Mardaneus to solve the murder, "fixed: Dwarven town crier scene triggered several times", that scene triggers whenever I go near that place, even when I already saw it at least once), can't say for sure, as I haven't encountered other stuff addressed there, didn't lock up near Aleroth, or anything, also no problem with the Broken Wheel quest, no problem with the trolls on the bridge, so I don't really know.

Edit: My game installed from Steam is of version 1.0063A, is the patch mentioned above applied already? I've read the Steam version doesn't apply the latest patch, but I can't tell, which is the latest patch anyway. Some stuff seems to be fixed, some doesn't. Should I download and apply the patch, or would I better be off without it?

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