Gear and loot with stats are what makes this game interesting and addictive for me. The problem with loot and stats is difficult to implement for RPG game such as DOS2 as it's content are not grind-nable like Diablo or Grim Dawn.

Putting a fixed loot possibly will kill the replayability. They definitely need to keep the loot with stats for their future game IMHO. But they also need to find a solution for the gearing issue. The only way to keep yourself on par in DOS2 was just merchant farming. It's a TEDIUM! and not enjoyable.

One solution in my opinion would be to implement a couple of stuff for future DOS games or even Baldur's Gate 3?

1. Random encounters? But this will be a tedium if badly implemented. Implement random arena battles or procedural random rift/plane/dungeon that rewards little experience and the main reward would be loot (very good quality).

2. Farming merchants should still be possible. DON'T remove options in your game.

3. Legendary/Unique/Mythical tiered loots that has themes/history/relevant to the game settings/story/etc. and it's upgradeable!. Diversified gearing upgrade path. Runes socketable / Stats Rerollable merchant? Meaningful upgrade path depending on the weapon/armor/item/etc.

Of all the ideas above, i would say the 3rd options i suggested would greatly improve future DOS games or even Larian RPG games.