So I've just finished Ego Draconis and started/transferred into Flames of Vengeance, hell I love that reference to Terminator, even the famous theme started playing when my character stood up from the iconic pose. For this nice detail, the game deserves to be praised. Many people say that the final boss battle in the Hall of Echoes is a nightmare, well it might be, but it's worth it for this alone, it really is. Kuddos to the guys at Larian Studios.

But a very unpleasant surprise awaited me in my Battle Tower, aside from not being able to teleport to and from the shrine and that the platforms also seemed broken at first (no deal, as I found out, they are just fine), the most broken thing is Sassan! What the hell happened to her accent? She got combined with Hermosa somehow, but even that went wrong. Haven't spoken to any of my servants yet, so can't say what's wrong with them (if anything, I hope they are as they were), but who broke me Sassan?!!!! XD I liked her they way she was in the original game. Should I start a petition: "Bring me ole Sassan back"? XD

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