It seems to me, that only Hermosa is unaffected. Maybe Wesson, Ginny lost some of her charm (well her complains about weather sound even more desperate, although the text is the same, it's more the way she delivers the sentences), Allan got a lesson or two from Igor, how to be a good ssssssservant, oh yessss massssster, and Igor, well it's Igor, the chap was weird back then, but seems even weirder now (if it's ever possible). XD
Sassan can't spell R anymore (which she was able in ED) and got some of Hermosa's "ZIS and ZAT" stuff (which she also didn't back then), it's fine with captain Hermosa, makes her unique and cute, but with Sassan? What were they aiming for? It seems the voice actor is the same, as she was in ED, so it's how she delivers, that is different here. And it's not just her first dialogue upon your arrival in your Battle Tower, she's like that when you speak to her on the balcony of your room as well.

Originally she ended the talking with "as you wish my liege" which was cute btw, but now, I end our talk with "keep up the good work" and she responds with "I will ... mistress" It's totally not her, even doing that pause before adding mistress seems to imply something, but I don't know what. Like she's not comfortable with me being her mistress or anything? It was making her pleasure to serve me, after liberating the tower from Laiken, now it seems like I was away for years (it was few days at most) and she got used to the life without the Dragon Knight. Technically she operated the whole tower even with me at it's helm, but now it feels kinda different to me. I know I'm seeing too much into this, but that's how I feel about those changes. It kinda changed her personality in my eyes.

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