Well I have made The Decision. I wouldn't say so much out of sheer ruthlessness but that it is pretty much foisted on you unless you decide to take pot luck and deal with the experience etc hit that results. In this instance I'm still feeling I was a bit ruthless as I decided to go for the options that would give me the best outcome, in spite of the fact that DKS is nowhere near as difficult as the original incarnation of ED: I found myself being pwned constantly when I first played, even on the easiest difficulty setting (and I happily admit that I'm crap at combat, but that's not really the point: the point is that the consistent factor is me, and I doubt my tactics have especially improved, especially after years of forgetfulness) whereas on the normal difficulty setting it's not really happening: the few times I have died have been mostly due to sheer clumsiness. Well, and misadventure, but y'know.

So the choices were: Barbatos: poor Allen, but his attempt to rubbish Barbatos albeit enormously inflated ego weren't great, and I need that +5 INT because hurrr. But I still feel bad because Barbatos is various words that sound like his name and are less complementary whereas Allen is a kid out of his depth and may have great potential (for the record, I've previously hired both of them). Edit: and I also recall that Barbatos was very much less rude later on.

Hermosa, again. Poor Kenneth, I feel more sucky about this than anything. But Hermosa's training is more useful to me as are the various benefits and forfeits of their respective quests. But I have made a permanent save.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee: I chose the one who wasn't quite so enthusiastic about poisoning his superiors, neighbours and anyone else in his way.

Strait-laced Welshman vs. unruly Irishman: Wesson got chosen yet again. I found him and his Brummie missus much more amenable and he does better armour, which is quite important for the likes of me who goes wading in without thinking and then needs to quickly bugger off with some protection from being pwned.

I've also had the warning to finish any unfinished business. I don't think there is anything, given the amount of traipsing, though a final visit to the Derelict Tunnels revealed all sorts of stuff like deposits I'd missed and that I hadn't obtained the albeit not very useful Amulet of the North. I dare say there's other stuff that's passed me by.

But what did strike me is the "hour by hour, the skies darken" comment, or however it went, which I suspect was as literal as it was melodramatic, and it reinforces my belief that the citizens of Broken Valley would've had fair warning of what their future held and many would've buggered off while the buggering off was good. I recall from the cut-scene that there was a lot of anguish and I dare say many would've resolutely stood firm, but I reckon a good number would've got away, especially with the Zep parked right outside. I also realise I'd forgotten about the handy shrines and wonder why the various travellers didn't use them more. Maybe they did, but needed (or just wanted) to visit other places on the way.

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