Again I see you have added stuff to the game and fixed a few bugs, but this one has still not been fixed. So I ask again.. Can you PLEASE fix it?!

This time all, but one of the 4 characters in the party got 6 x 2400 XP, the character got 4 x 2400 XP.
It doesn't matter where you exit, I've tried all the places I can think of. From the port, over the drawbridge, using the boat, from the platform outside the tower close to where the boat ends up. It's the same every time, 1 or 2 characters get 1 or 2 ticks of 2400 XP less than the others.

It can easily be corrected by dismissing the characters in question and then having them join the party again, but it's the fact that the player has to do something that shouldn't be necessary to do to fix the issue, if you would just fix the bug.

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