No wonder I've spent so long being skint if I'm devaluing all my equipment before selling it! I'd sort of optimistically hoped that I might get some of the ingredients back when doing so but I guess not. I haven't been doing so well on that front, especially with malachite gems in that I gave two to the blind dude (I always do, seems mean not to) and didn't mindread the woman at High Hall (Beatrice?) when accepting the quest because I, er, thought it would be confrontational. But if you do it afterwards you don't get the extra gems.

I suppose at least I got that one from Nightwinkle and her mates, a couple from traders and have found a couple more in seams and the odd chest; I think they only appear in chests with fixed contents rather than random loot though.

Tagos' axe is a pain. If you don't do the quest where it's returned to him, it's stuck in the inventory forever, it seems: can't be sold, destroyed nor stashed. Same deal with the rum, various keys and an increasingly large number of other quest items whose quests are long since finished but I'm stuck with the random tat in question...

I hadn't thought about saving, exiting and reloading. Which fixes so much stuff in so many games, and other programs for that matter.

J'aime le fromage.