Come on. We already have 5451684153498416987461*10²³ games copying the magic from WoW. We already have sword coast legends and DDO. We don't need another game with this boring mechanic that makes no sense.

According to a user on rpg codex "Fire bolt ability seemed like it was on some sort of timer in the demo. He used it before combat and then couldn’t use it when he needed it."

And that is AWFUL. D&D should use a vancian magic system and spell slots. If i wanna spend all day casting eldricht blast or if i wanna use all of my cantrips, it should be my choice. Not the game artificially forcing me into a boring rotation. All masterpiece CRPG's has no cooldowns. Baldur's Gate 1/2? No cooldowns. NWN1/2? No cooldowns. Hell, even mmos, Ultima Online has no cooldowns and is by far the best MMO. Spells has a chance of failure impact karma, require reagents but has no artificial limitations. Runescape tried to copy the cooldown based system from wow and now everyone plays Old School Runescape who has no CDs.

I confess that i after declarations like "missing not work" and "spell slots are not intuitive" had no hope for BG3. But wishlisted the game when i saw the gameplay and all things that only a mage hand can do BUT if there are cooldowns or endless number inflation based progression, i will never purchase.