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it doesnt even matter, the correlation fallacy that is, because its confirme dthere wont be cooldowns holy shit this entire thread is pointless

Using examples of how cooldowns destroyed other games is not "correlation fallacy". The fact that only RPG gamers accept this BS bugs me. Contra Rogue Corps is being heavily criticized by having it. And forcing you to switch guns in a arbitrary and artificial way...

I usually don't get involved when I don't care but holy shit man, you need to calm down.

Sordak never mentioned correlation fallacy, so don't talk about that.

SEVERAL people said they agree the cooldows shouldn't be in a D&D game or even said cooldowns aren't in the D&D universe and you kept on droning how it ruined some or another game. We get it, you hate them, that's fine. Stop being so angry at everyone, it's getting old.

Yep. But DDO Neverwinter mmo and SCL had the """genial""" idea of putting it...