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You are tying a lot of ridiculous assumptions to the notion that flawed systems you tried in the past were flawed exclusively BECAUSE of cooldowns.

Not to mention how you're ignoring that a lot of the problems you are listing can and DO appear even in games that make use of different systems.

Like Sordak pointed out, this reads like "I HAVE NO CLUE OF WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT: The Official Thread".
The entire thing is basically an exercise in practicing the "correlation fallacy".

Mention one. One system that is immersive, fast, engaging, interesting with this mechanic. Just one.

And is not a correlation falacy. You claim that systems with CDs can be good but never mentions a single example and when i show examples you clain to be "correlation fallacy".And Sodark, claims that 4e is a good D&D edition, if he says that this thread is "i have no clue of what i'm talking about", is because is a valid concern. The unique good thing that 4e brough is pathfinder. Probably for him, everyone who hates the fact that 4e is a wow clone has no clue about what is talking too...

Skyrim (cool downs are desguised as a mana/stamina pool that recharges over time)

Immersive? Yes
Fast? Yes
Engaging? Yes
Interesting with this mechanic? Yes

This is not cooldown. Is just a resource management. BUT skyrim has cooldowns on shouts. I would prefer if was uses per day like high elf mana regen power...